Exploration '17 Technical session panel. Left to right:            Team Logan's Legends presenting at the Exp'17 technical     Team University of Saskatchewan presenting at the                                               Ken Witherly (FAA), Tim Dobush (FAA), Dr. Donna               session, Oct. 24, 2017                                                              Exp '17 technical session, Oct. 24 2017                                                               Kirkwood (FAA judge)
Team Deep on Data presenting at the Exp'17 technical          Team On the Rocks presenting at the Exp '17 technical           Opening remarks at the Exp'17 gala dinner. Left to right:                                   session, Oct. 24 2017                                                                session, Oct. 24 2017                                                                 Dave Pratt (FAA) and Ms. Virginia Arnott (guest speaker)
Team Logan's Legends, 1st place, Experienced category        Team On the Rocks, 1st place, Apprentice category                 Team Deep on Data, 2nd place, Experienced category                                
Team University of Saskatchewan, 2nd place, Apprentice      Team Uncover Australia, 3rd place, Experienced category      Team Macquarie, 3rd place, Apprentice category                                              category
Mr. Theo Aravanis (FAA). Closing remarks at the Exp'17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   gala dinner                        

Frank Arnott   FAA at PDAC Student Luncheon   Team University of Saskatchewan
Frank Arnott                                PDAC Student Luncheon                                                   Team University of Saskatchewan: Ty Magee, Austin Castle, Brendan
                                                                                                                                                Samson, Matt Nadeau and Colton Vessey

         Team Imperial U discusses FAA          FAA at PDAC
FAA at the ASEG, Adelaide, Australia   Aug. 2016                          Team Imperial U at PDAC                                                     FAA at PDAC Student Luncheon, March 2016